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    Are you a true Pescatarian?

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    Are you a true Pescatarian?

    Over the last few years the popularity of fish has skyrocketed as more and more people have become aware of the importance of diverse and healthy food choice. Our Theatre of Fish embraces the importance of sharing a dining experience and the various supply of our oceans.

    Do not expect a traditional restaurant when you open the doors to Pesca. We have thrown out all the old rules: no more menus and white linen. It is all about the experience on stage at our fish market where you get to choose your own fish and side dishes!

    We have a dynamic pricing policy at our fish market. During the day, the fishmongers continuously decrease the price of the fish to sell out all the fish we have available. In this way we avoid unnecessary food waste. The changing supply on the fish market varies depending on daily delivery, seasonal availability, and weather conditions!

    Welcome at our Theatre of Fish! Are you ready for the show?

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    Oops! We don’t have a menu! But no worries, at Pesca we have a daily selection at our fish market. In this way, we can guarantee the best and freshest fishes available, and because of this, we prevent food waste! Cool, right?

    Allergies or dietary preferences? We can accommodate those in our dishes too.

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    The Pesca Foundation

    The foundation was founded to give something back to our awesome, beautiful world! Of course we sell a lot of fish at Pesca, we’re aware of that. But, we would like to keep on doing this for the next 100 years! With the Pesca Foundation we support initiatives that aim for a healthy Earth. Together we strive to protect our oceans by maintaining a vigorous fish stock, by reducing the plastic soup in the seas and by supporting more sustainability within the fishing industry. Below you can check out the initiatives we support:

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    Pesca is financed and founded by Pescatarians. Real ambassadors who have made the start and growth of Pesca possible through our crowdfunding campaigns. The first campaign from 2016 was redeemed early and the last successful campaign from July 2018 produced a national crowdfunding campaign record. It makes us proud to see that there are so many people who believe in our mission and would like to be part of it!

    In almost 6 years, our restaurant has grown into a beloved and unique concept. Since 2016, we have proudly welcomed many guests to our Theatre of Fish, and won the Entree Award for Best Hospitality Concept. Last year, Pesca Rotterdam opened its doors. Currently, we are busy behind the scenes with all preparations to open our third Pesca location. Although the new location remains a surprise for now, we will keep you informed about our plans!

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